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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

George Woolsey Aspinwall --to-- Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson --to-- Henry? Atte Stone
John Atte Stone --to-- Joseph Atwood
Joseph Atwood --to-- Arnold Austin
Betsey Austin --to-- Michael HenrySr Autry
Rebecca Leeann Auttereson --to-- Edwin Elmer Avery
Elisha Avery --to-- William Avery
William C. Avery --to-- Brian or Bryan Aylesworth
Eli Aylesworth --to-- Benjamin Babcock
Bertha Babcock --to-- Lucretia Babcock
Lydia Babcock --to-- Abby Backus
Abigail Backus --to-- Mary Bacon
Mary Bacon --to-- Clarence Booth Bagley
Daniel J. Bagley (Reverend) --to-- Elizabeth Bailey
Ella Naoma Bailey --to-- Samuel Bailey
Samuel Bailey --to-- Anna Baker
Anson G. Baker --to-- Eva M. Baker
Fatima Baker --to-- Lovell Baker
Lovell Baker --to-- Rufus Baker
Russel Baker --to-- Murray Todd Bala
Abigail Rose Balas --to-- D. W. Baldwin
Donald Baldwin --to-- Eleanor Baliol
Ingelram de Baliol --to-- Phebe Ball
Phebe Ball --to-- Abigail Ballou
Abigail Ballou --to-- Annie B. Ballou
Annie George Ballou --to-- Cynthia Maria Ballou
Cyrena Aldrich Ballou --to-- Emily Stetson Ballou
Emily Williams Ballou --to-- Hannah Ballou
Hannah Ballou --to-- Jemima Ballou
Jennette Ballou --to-- Levi Ballou
Levi Ballou --to-- Mary R. Ballou
Mary S. Ballou --to-- Pardon L. Ballou
Patience Ballou --to-- Sally Cutler Ballou
Samuel Ballou --to-- Susanna Ballou
Susanna Ballou --to-- Willie Wallace Ballou
Winsor Ballou --to-- Rachelle Banford
Joan Phylis Bangerter --to-- Allen Darius Barber
Andrew M. Barber --to-- Marie C. Bard
Rachael Bardell --to-- James Barker
James Barker --to-- Cora F. Barnard
Dean Clinton Barnard --to-- Clifford Barnes
Clifford D. Barnes --to-- Loann Barnes
Louisa Barnes --to-- Cora Etta Barnes or Bourn
Brandley James Barnet --to-- Parmella or Permelia or Pamelia Barns
Policy "Polley" Barns --to-- Lavada Elmer Barrick
Paul L. Barrick --to-- Nancy Barrows
Orlando Emmet Barrows (Jr.) --to-- William Bartholomew
William L. Bartholomew --to-- Elmira Bartlett
Emma J. Bartlett --to-- Mary Bartlett
Mary Bartlett --to-- Aaron Michael Barton
Adeline Barton --to-- William Barton
William T. Barton --to-- Harriet T. Bassett
Jennie Frances Bassett --to-- Mark Batchelor
Betsey or Betta or Betty Bate --to-- Francis Eliot Bates
Gary Bates --to-- Susanna Bates
Sybil Bates --to-- Jonathan Battye
Louisa Isabel Battye --to-- Sarah Emeline Baum
Sarah Selina Baum --to-- Thirza Ann Beach
William Banker Beach (Judge) --to-- Doris Althea Beaman
Dorothy Beaman --to-- Anne Dillah Beardsley
Araminta A. Beardsley --to-- Eliza B. Beasley
Jack Beasley --to-- Norman Beauvais
Charles Beaver --to-- Beckette
Dean Richard Beckette --to-- Reuben Beckwith
Robert Beckwith --to-- Alexis Beeman
Alva H. Beeman --to-- George C. Belden
George C. Belden --to-- Salinda Amanda Bell
Sarah Ann Bell --to-- George Bemis
George L. Bemis --to-- Sarah Benedict
Simeon Benedict --to-- Noah Bennet (Jr.)

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