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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

John Earl Aikins --to-- Almira Albee
Benjamin Albee --to-- Barnabas Alden (Sr.)
Benjamin Alden --to-- Aaron Robinson Aldrich
Abbie Ann S. Aldrich --to-- Asha Cornell Aldrich
Asquire Aldrich --to-- Elisha M. Aldrich
Elisha Smith Aldrich --to-- Howard Aldrich
Huldah Aldrich --to-- Marcus Aldrich
Marcy or Mercy Aldrich --to-- Peter Aldrich
Peter Aldrich --to-- Seth Aldrich
Seth Aldrich --to-- Gloria Mae Alexander
Hannah Alexander --to-- James Ernest Allard
Peter Levi Allard --to-- Bartlett Allen
Bartlett Allen (3rd) --to-- Eben Louis Allen
Ebenezer Allen --to-- George Jackson Allen
George M. Allen --to-- John Gordon Allen
John Houghton Allen --to-- Mary Allen
Mary Allen --to-- Reginald Gray Allen
Reuben Allen (Reverend) --to-- Wilber Price Allen
William Allen --to-- Poul Alling-Dam
Preben Alling-Dam --to-- Shavin Alm
Michael Almeida --to-- Alice Leslie Alyea
Benjamin Alyer --to-- James Bradford Ames
Jemima Ames --to-- Ichabod Amidon
Ina R. or Hattie Jane Amidon --to-- Lisbeth Olsen Ancher
Mallene Kirstine Olsen Ancher --to-- Annie Florence Anderson
Arron Jonas Anderson --to-- Harry Anderson
Holly Anderson --to-- Ronald Whipple Anderson
Ronda Kay Anderson --to-- Adah Amy Andrews
Adell E. Andrews --to-- Edward Andrews
Edward A. Andrews --to-- Helen Dailey Andrews
Henry Andrews --to-- Lizzie M. Andrews
Louisa M. Andrews --to-- Robert Austin Andrews
Robert Francis Andrews --to-- Abbey Dyer Angell
Abbey L. Angell --to-- Almira Barney Angell
Almira Jane Angell --to-- Arnold Paine Angell
Arnold Wade Angell --to-- Charles F. Angell
Charles Fenner Angell --to-- Eben Smith Angell
Eber Angell --to-- Erma E. Angell
Erwin L. or Irvine Angell --to-- Gladys Williams Angell
Grace Angell --to-- Isaac Angell
Isaac Angell --to-- Jessee Harland Angell
Jessie Angell --to-- Lillas A. Angell
Lillian Edna Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nedabiah Angell
Nedebiah Angell --to-- Richard Angell
Richard Angell --to-- Sarah S. Angell
Sarah S. Angell --to-- Thomas Berkett Angell
Thomas D. Angell --to-- Edward Angier
Gardiner E. Angier --to-- Atala Lee Anthony
Caleb Wilbur Anthony --to-- Elizabeth Antram
Charles Sylvester Anywaush --to-- Frances E. Appleton
Francis Randall Appleton --to-- Jane Archibald
Jean Carmel Archibald --to-- Nancy Prudence Armstead
Armstrong --to-- Claire Wilbur Arnburg
Oberlin Arnburg --to-- Amaziah Arnold
Amey Arnold --to-- Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold --to-- Cornelia Arnold
Corrine Arnold --to-- Elisha Arnold
Elisha Arnold --to-- George Arnold
George Arnold --to-- Hester Arnold
Holden Arnold --to-- John Arnold
John Arnold --to-- Louisa Arnold
Louisa Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Nathan Arnold
Nathan Arnold --to-- Rhea Elizabeth Arnold
Rhoda Arnold --to-- Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold --to-- Tabitha Arnold
Tamer Arnold --to-- William Arnold
William Arnold --to-- Adesame Ashbaugh
Dawn Ashby --to-- Emily Phillips Aspinwall

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