Scope of This Site

Scope of This Site

The Whipple Genweb is limited in scope. Subject to the following guidelines, we welcome submissions of your Whipple relatives for inclusion in this website.

Scope Limitations

  1. All persons with a given name, middle name, surname or maiden name of Whipple
  2. All descendants of the above (whether or not their name is Whipple)
  3. Spouse(s) of the above
  4. Parents of spouses

Again, all descendants are eligible, even if their name is no longer Whipple.

Non-Whipple Ancestors

Non-Whipple ancestors of the above are generally not included. The following are examples of exceptions:

  • Ancestral links that connect Whipple descendants to other Whipple relatives. (This occurs most often in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.)
  • Links that show other "interesting" relationships between/among Whipples. (This also occurs a lot in Rhode Island.)
  • Occasional exceptions are made for other reasons. (The database used by the Whipple Genweb began as the webmaster's personal database. Thus, many of his own non-Whipple ancestors are included.)

Feel free to send your candidate submissions to

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