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Index of Persons

161720 individuals, 61205 families from file 20191215.ged (15 Dec 2019)

Ralph Bernard Williams --to-- Seton Sawyer Williams
Seymour Williams --to-- William Jefferson Williams
William Leroy Williams --to-- Frederick Willis
Harriet Will Willis --to-- Lenora Willyard (twin)
Martha Anna Willyard --to-- Alice Wilson
Alice Wilson --to-- Ella Wilson
Ella Melissa Wilson --to-- Jeanette Wilson
Jeanne Iverna Wilson --to-- Marvin F. Wilson
Mary Wilson --to-- Thankful Wilson
Theodosia Wilson --to-- Carl Henry Winder
Claude Veyne Winder --to-- Susan Wing
Wait Wing --to-- Truman Winship
Anna Maria or Julia Maria Winship or Winchief --to-- Abigail Winsor
Abigail W. Winsor --to-- Augustus Waterman Winsor (Jr.)
Augustus Waterman Winsor (III) --to-- Elizabeth M. Winsor
Elizabeth M. Winsor --to-- Huldah Winsor
Huldah Winsor --to-- Julia G. Winsor
Julia Mary Winsor --to-- Mercy Winsor
Mercy Winsor --to-- Sarah Winsor
Sarah Winsor --to-- Susan Winter
Sylvia Winter --to-- John Wippell
John Henry Hyde "Jack" Wippell --to-- Nancy Elizabeth Wise
Robert E. Wise --to-- Lizzie M. Witham
Maurice A. Witham --to-- Marietta Withington
Mary Withington --to-- Carrie Wolf
Catharine Wolf --to-- Henry Woltz
Susanna Woltz --to-- Christopher C. Wood
Clara Wood --to-- Hannah Ann Wood
Hannah C. Wood --to-- Luther Wood
Lydia Wood --to-- Rodney John Wood
Roscoe S. Wood --to-- Martha Woodberry
Robert Woodberry --to-- Simon Woodbury
Susanna Woodbury --to-- Ralph Smith Woodman
Rodney Canfield Woodman --to-- Josiah Skye Woods
Joyce A. Woods --to-- Esther Woodward
Esther Woodward --to-- Samuel Woodward (Capt.)
Sarah Woodward --to-- Francis J. Woolley
James T. Woolley (Jr.) --to-- Louisa Working
Donald R. Workman --to-- Lucy Worth
Lydia Worth --to-- Barbara Ann Wright
Barbara Newton Wright --to-- Gordon Wright
Grace Wright --to-- Nancy Jo Wright
Nicole Margaret Wright --to-- Eliphalet Wyatt
Emmeline Wyatt --to-- William A. Wyllie
Wyman --to-- Betsy Yasmowit
Dolores Elaine Yasulevin --to-- Mervin Yepson
George Yerdon (III) --to-- Yonker
Matilda Yorgensen --to-- Young
Young --to-- Brigham S. Young (III)
Brigham Willard Young --to-- Elizabeth A. Young
Ella Elizabeth Young --to-- Harold Dow Young
Harold Empey Young --to-- Joseph Young
Joseph Young --to-- Marcus LeGrande Young
Maria Young --to-- Phoebe Louisa Young
Ray Young --to-- Whitney Taylor Young
Willard Young --to-- Charles Harold Zastera
Ronald Zatkoff --to-- Mary Alice Zimmerman
Rhonda Jill Zimmerman --to-- Lela Mildred Zumwalt
Margie Lucille Zumwalt --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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