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161720 individuals, 61205 families from file 20191215.ged (15 Dec 2019)

Thomas L. Whipple --to-- Timothy Steven Whipple
Timothy Thomas Whipple --to-- Ulysses Grant Whipple
Ulysses Virgil Whipple --to-- Vernon Lucien Whipple
Vernon P. Whipple --to-- Virginia Whipple
Virginia "Jennie" Whipple --to-- Wallace William Whipple
Wally Whipple --to-- Walter Mitchel or Michel Walter Whipple
Walter Monroe Whipple --to-- Warren Harding Whipple
Warren J. Whipple --to-- Wendel Whipple
Wendell Knight Whipple (Sr.) --to-- Willard Whipple
Willard Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Arthur "Willie Arthur" Whipple
William Atkins Whipple --to-- William Edmund Whipple
William Edson Whipple --to-- William Henry Whipple
William Henry Whipple --to-- William Metts "Bill" Whipple
William Michael Lance Whipple --to-- William Starbird Whipple
William Stark Whipple --to-- Willie L. Whipple
Willie M. Whipple --to-- Xander Bleu Whipple
Xavior Brian Whipple --to-- twin Whipple
twin Whipple --to-- Cora Leigh Whitaker
Cynthia P. Whitaker --to-- E. A. Whitcomb
Edmund Hubbard Whitcomb --to-- William Whitcomb
William Whitcomb --to-- Carmen White
Carrie Della White --to-- Emma Balch White
Emma Diantha White --to-- James White
James White --to-- Margery White
Margery White --to-- Rachel White
Rachel White --to-- Spencer Whitefeather
Margaret Whitefoot --to-- Emma Bertha Whitford
Frank M. Whitford --to-- Otis Whiting (Captain)
Otis Whiting (Jr.) --to-- Lovicy Whitman
Lucy Whitman --to-- Mehitable Whitmore
Oliver Whitmore --to-- Hannah Whitney
Harriet Whitney --to-- Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney
Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney --to-- Peronne Whittaker
Robert Howard Whittaker --to-- Eugenia Wicker
Ethel T. Wickerson --to-- Meg Wiesenr
Neil Wiffel --to-- Elisha Wightman
George L. Wightman --to-- Beatrice Wilbur
Benjamin Wilbur --to-- Mary Susan Wilbur
Mattie Leona Wilbur --to-- Amanda Wilcox
Ann M. Wilcox --to-- Juliann Wilcox
Juliet Lavinia Wilcox --to-- Benjamin Wild
Catherine Cobb Wild --to-- Irene Wilder
Isabella Wilder --to-- Julian Justin Wilk
Victoria Julia Wilk --to-- Jesse Robbins Wilkins
Jesse Robbins Wilkins --to-- Alfred Wilkinson
Alfred Wilkinson --to-- Clara Wilkinson
Clare Wilkinson --to-- Francis Albert Wilkinson
Francis C. Wilkinson --to-- James B. Wilkinson
James Elliott Wilkinson --to-- Joyce Wilkinson
Judith Wilkinson --to-- Mary C. Wilkinson
Mary C. Wilkinson --to-- Samuel Scott Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson --to-- William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson --to-- Charles Ellis Willard
Charles Henry Willard --to-- George Willard
George Willard --to-- Joseph Willard
Joseph G. Willard --to-- Oren Charles Willard
Oren Otis Willard --to-- Hezekiah Willett
James Willett --to-- Albert Williams
Albert Dallas Williams --to-- Charlotte Williams
Chelsea Jay Williams --to-- Esther Williams
Esther Williams --to-- James Williams
James Williams --to-- Judith Williams
Julia Williams --to-- Mary Columbia Williams
Mary D. Williams --to-- Providence Williams

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