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Index of Persons

155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Samuel Chase Wilkinson --to-- William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson --to-- Charles Otis Willard
Charles Ray Willard --to-- George Archibald Willard
George Brown Willard --to-- Julia Ann Willard
Julia Etta Willard --to-- Phebe Willard
Polly Willard --to-- Willey
Abel White Willey --to-- Ann Williams
Anna Lee Williams --to-- Derek Lyn Williams
Diana Williams --to-- Harriet L. Williams
Harriet L. "Hattie" Williams --to-- Jonathan Williams
Joseph Williams --to-- Mary Williams
Mary Williams --to-- Phebe Williams
Phebe Williams --to-- Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams --to-- William Williams
William Williams --to-- Elizabeth Martha Willis
Ella Lenora Willis --to-- Joseph Willyard
Lenora Willyard (twin) --to-- Amasa Scott Wilson
Angeline Wilson --to-- Ethel Wilson
Eunice Wilson --to-- John Wilson
John Wilson --to-- Nancy "Nannie" Wilson
Nathaniel Irving Wilson --to-- Wiltsie
Frank Wimmer --to-- Clara Wing
Content Wing --to-- Earle Angell Winne
Ethel E. Winne --to-- William Gaston Winslow
William H. Winslow --to-- Anson Potter Winsor
Arthur Winsor --to-- Elisha Winsor
Elisha B. Winsor --to-- Henry B. V. Winsor
Henry Edgar Winsor --to-- Joshua Winsor (Jr., Deacon)
Joshua Winsor --to-- Mehitable "Hetty" Winsor
Mercy Winsor --to-- Sarah Winsor
Sarah Winsor --to-- Laura Winters
Mourice Winters --to-- Mary Wippell
Mary E. Wippell --to-- John Harvey Wisely
Anna Wiseman --to-- Laura Witherell
Lorne Witherell --to-- Susanna Wittney
Karl or Charles or Carl Johann Wittrock --to-- Dell Wolford
Mary Jane Wolford --to-- Brian Parker Wood
Brown Sayles Wood --to-- George Wood
George Wood --to-- Kenneth Wood
Laura Wood --to-- Rhoba Sayles Wood
Richard Wood --to-- James Woodberry
John Francis Woodberry --to-- Sarah Josephine Woodbury
Simon Woodbury --to-- Rodney Canfield Woodman
Rose A. Woodman --to-- Peggy Woods
Richard James Woods --to-- Ira Jesse Woodward
Irene Woodward --to-- Laura Adeline Woodworth
Levi Woodworth --to-- Miriam Mehitable Woolson
Nathan Woolson (Jr.) --to-- Andrew Wornstaff Wilfong
Zachery Wornstaff Wilfong --to-- Theodore C. Wrench
Carole Wrestler --to-- Edward J. Wright
Edward Payson Wright --to-- Martha D. Wright
Mary Wright --to-- Richard Carl Wurm
Pauline C. Wurst --to-- Nancy Wyllie
Peter Wyllie --to-- Betsy Yasmowit
Dolores Elaine Yasulevin --to-- Charles Yerkes
Harlan Yerkes --to-- James Chauncy Snow York
John William York --to-- Alice Armeda Snow Young
Alice Roxy Young --to-- Christine Young
Clara Louise Young --to-- Eunice Clark Young
Evelyn Louise Young --to-- Isaac Young
Israel Young --to-- Laura Young
Laura E. Young --to-- Nabbie Howe Young
Nabby Young --to-- Susan Amelia Young
Susan Lynn Young --to-- James Edward Zaic
James Jerome Zaic --to-- Frank Zimmerman
Frederick Zimmerman --to-- Cleo Marie Zumwalt
J. W. Zumwalt --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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