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Index of Persons

155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Candace Wilkinson --to-- Florence A. Wilkinson
Frances Wilkinson --to-- James B. Wilkinson
James Elliott Wilkinson --to-- Lafayette Wilkinson
Larned Wilkinson --to-- Melatiel Wilkinson
Mercy Wilkinson --to-- Simeon Wilkinson
Simon Wilkinson --to-- Aaron Willard
Aaron Walter Willard --to-- Emma Louisa Willard
Enos Goss Willard --to-- James Willard
James Willard --to-- Mary Ann Willard
Mary Cottrell Willard --to-- Thomas Willcock
William Willcote or Willcock --to-- Abigail W. Williams
Ace Williams --to-- Clara Williams
Clarinda Williams --to-- George F. Williams
George Washington Williams --to-- John Williams
John A. Williams --to-- Margret Williams
Marguerite Blanche Williams --to-- Peleg Williams (Sr.)
Peleg Williams (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams --to-- William C. Williams
William C. P. Williams --to-- Harry Stribley Willis
Henry Willis --to-- Clara E. Wilmarth
Elizabeth Wilmarth --to-- Blake Gregory Wilson
Boyd Carson Wilson --to-- Gerald Wilson
Glen Douglas Wilson --to-- Lafayette Carrol Wilson
Larry Wilson --to-- Sarah Wilson
Sarah Ann Wilson --to-- Claude Veyne Winder
Elbridge Winder --to-- B. Esbon Winians
Dighton H. Winians --to-- George Harvey Winslow
Helen Brightie Winslow --to-- Almira Pettis Winsor
Alpheus Winsor --to-- Cynthia M. Winsor
Daniel Winsor --to-- Hannah Winsor
Hannah Winsor --to-- John Mathewson Winsor
John Olney Winsor --to-- Mary Imogene Winsor
Mary Jane Winsor --to-- Sarah Winsor
Sarah Winsor --to-- Mourice Winters
Sarah Belle Winters --to-- Sarah Wippell
Thomas Wippell --to-- Zachary Robert Wisniewski
Elizabeth Wiswall --to-- James Withers
Marshal W. Withers --to-- Emily Wolcott
Mary M. Wolcott --to-- Benjamin Story Wolven
Grace Finetta Wolven --to-- Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood --to-- Israel Wood
Jabez Wood --to-- Mary E. Wood
Mary Elizabeth Wood --to-- Thomas Wood
Thomas J. Wood --to-- Isaac Woodbury
James Woodbury --to-- Ethel J. Woodis
Helen E. Woodis --to-- Jason Anthony Woods
John Woods --to-- Frances A. Woodward
Francis G. Woodward --to-- William Woodward
William Woodward --to-- Nancy Woolsey
Nancy Woolsey --to-- Newton Wornstaff
Olive "Ollie" Wornstaff --to-- Carole Wrestler
Wright --to-- Elizabeth Wright
Elsie A. Wright --to-- Matthew Wright
Mattie Helen Wright --to-- George Wyatt (Sr.)
Henry Wyatt --to-- Jonathan Wyman
Joseph Wyman --to-- Lucy P. Yates
Lydia Yates --to-- James F. Yerrinton
James Manning Winchell Yerrinton --to-- Margaret Amy Yost
Mary Ellen Yost --to-- Betsey Young
Betsey Young --to-- Edwin Dearborn Johnson Young
Edwin Dowden Young --to-- Gladys Young
Harold Dow Young --to-- Joseph Don Carlos Young
Joseph Hyrum Young --to-- Mary Anne Young
Mary E. Young --to-- Selah Mary Young
Selah S. Young --to-- Rex Smith Yount (Jr.)
Jody Zabel --to-- Dawn Zimmerman
Dorothy Ruth Zimmerman --to-- Mildred E. Zumr
Vincent Zumr --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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