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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

James Wilkins --to-- Amanda Wilkinson
Amasa Cook Wilkinson --to-- David Wilkinson
David W. Wilkinson --to-- Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson --to-- John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson --to-- Maria E. Wilkinson
Maria Hermans Wilkinson --to-- Sabra E. Wilkinson
Sally Wilkinson --to-- William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson --to-- Clarence M. Willard
Clarissa Willard --to-- Harry Andrew Willard
Harry Burr Willard --to-- Lydia Willard
Lydia Willard --to-- Stephen Willard
Sterling Andrew Willard --to-- Williams
Williams --to-- Charles Pickney Williams
Charles W. Williams --to-- Freeborn Williams
Freeborn Williams --to-- John Williams
John Williams (Jr.) --to-- Margaret Williams
Margret Williams --to-- Peleg Williams
Phebe Williams --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Williams
Sarah F. Williams --to-- Winnie May Williams
Winslow Williams --to-- Mary Willis
Mildred Willis --to-- Olney Whipple Wilmarth
Ruth Lee Wilmarth --to-- Clara Arvilla Wilson
Cora Belle Wilson --to-- Howard Lovel Starr Wilson
Ida Emeline Wilson --to-- Martha Ann Wilson
Martha J. Wilson --to-- Vanessa May Wilson
Veronica Wilson --to-- Wing
Alvan F. Wing --to-- Earle Angell Winne
Ethel E. Winne --to-- Winsor
Winsor --to-- Augustus Waterman Winsor (III)
Barbara Ann Winsor --to-- Ephraim A. Winsor
Ernest F. Winsor --to-- James B. Winsor
James C. Winsor --to-- Marcy or Mary Winsor
Maria F. Winsor --to-- Robert L. B. Winsor
Roger Winsor --to-- Zephaniah Winsor
Zilpha Winsor --to-- James Wippell
John Wippell --to-- William Oliver Wise
William Oliver Wise (Jr.) --to-- Mary Amy Witherell
Roselana Witherell --to-- Wixon
Dorcas Wodin --to-- Margaret Estella Wolter
Charles Henry Wolters --to-- Cora Josephine Wood
Cyrus Wood --to-- Israel Wood
Jabez Wood --to-- MaryJo Wood
Mayo Wood --to-- Warren H. Wood
William Wood --to-- Lucien Clarendon Woodbury
Lydia Woodbury --to-- Esther Woodman
Jacob Woodman --to-- Michael Alan Woods
Peggy Woods --to-- John Woodward
John Woodward --to-- Henry Woodyatt
Isabell Woodyatt --to-- Philip Worcester
Edmund Wordell --to-- John Worth
Joseph Worth --to-- Blanche M. Wright
Caleb Wright --to-- Jessie Slater Wright
Joanne Ellen Wright --to-- Thomas Ronald Wright
Vera Wright --to-- Newton Wyeth
Walter Wyeth --to-- Mildred Grace Yantis
Pamela Yarhaus --to-- Harlan Yerkes
Kirk Yerkes --to-- Mary York
Mary Ann Julia York --to-- Anna Maria Young
Archibald Young --to-- Don Young
Don Carlos Young (Jr.) --to-- Geneva Young
George Young --to-- Joseph Young
Joseph Young --to-- Marolyn Young
Martha Anne Young --to-- Scott Richmond Young
Searles Young --to-- Rex Smith Yount (Jr.)
Jody Zabel --to-- Elizabeth Zimmerman
Elsie Margaret Zimmerman --to-- Cleo Marie Zumwalt
J. W. Zumwalt --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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