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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Henry Truman Beckwith --to-- Leon Beebe
Margarete Cathrine Beebe --to-- Janice Claire Begley
Mary Agnes Beharrell --to-- Donald Andrew Bell
Edwin Bell --to-- Olvason Bellows
Phebe Bellows --to-- Ruth Ann Bender
Vaneta Lorraine Bender --to-- George Benham
James Lewis Benham --to-- Alice Howard Bennett
Alice Marion Bennett --to-- Franklin Leroy Bennett
George Bennett --to-- Martha Bennett
Martha Wilkes Bennett --to-- Willard E. Bennett
William Bennett --to-- Sally Bent
Susan Bent --to-- Steven Ross Bentley
Suzanne Marie Bentley --to-- Dorothy Bergeron
Julia Claire Bergeron --to-- Madeleine Frances Bernhardt
Jeanette Bernhart --to-- Elsie Besaw
Amanda Jean Besemer --to-- Betterley
Adam Jeffrey Betterley --to-- Heather Marie Betterley
Helen Lorine Betterley --to-- Mabel C. Bevens
Barnard Scollay White Bever --to-- Wayne Jay Bickel
William J. Bickel --to-- Rachel Ann Bierden
Brett Christopher Bierman --to-- Samuel Bigelow
Samuel Allen Bigelow --to-- David John Billeter
Jack J. Billeter --to-- Sarah Billings
Sarah Billings --to-- Bingham
Abigail Bingham --to-- Horace Birchard
Eliza Jane Bird --to-- Alfred Birnie
Charles Alexander Birnie --to-- Brian Edward Bishop
Carol Bishop --to-- Emmelina Bishop
Emmeline Bishop --to-- Joel Bruce Bishop
John Bishop --to-- Naomi Bishop
Nathaniel Bishop --to-- Thomas Bishop
Timothy Bishop --to-- Noah H. Bivens
John Bixbee --to-- Josiah Black
Kathie Lorraine Black --to-- Frances Haywood Blackman
Francesce Eliza Blackman --to-- Marion Blackmar
Mariot Blackmar --to-- Blanche Florence Blair
Daniel Blair --to-- George Blake
Hannah Blake --to-- Mary Blakeslee
Mary Blakeslee --to-- Lenira Blanchard
Lenora Blanchard --to-- Lindsey Huges Blanton (Reverend)
Mary Kinkead Blanton --to-- Mary Bliss
Mary Bliss --to-- Charles Wesley Blodgett
Cordelia Blodgett --to-- John Blood
John Blood --to-- Charles G. Blumenhauer
Elizabeth Slade Blunt --to-- Mary A. Bock
James Albert Bockeloh --to-- Sylvia Boelter
Walter Hugh Boelter --to-- Loretta Bolin
Margaret E. Bolinger --to-- Catherine Bond
Charlotte Bond --to-- Edward Bonker
Roger Bonn --to-- Brylee Jo Booher
Glade Wesley Booher --to-- Brett Borden
Calvin Borden --to-- John Boss
Justin P. Boss --to-- Robin Rachel Botsford
Martha Elizabeth Bott --to-- Christopher Robert Bourseau
Sarah Bouse --to-- Bowen
----dford Bowen --to-- David Bowen
David Bowen --to-- Helen Cordelia Bowen
Helen N. Bowen --to-- Mary Bowen
Mary F. Bowen --to-- Sylvanus Bowen
Tabitha Bowen --to-- Billy Clinton Bowles
Daisy E. Bowles --to-- Charles Frederick "Fred" Boyce
Emily L. Boyce --to-- Martha Boyd
Monte Boyd --to-- Hannah Boynton
Harrietta Louisa Boynton --to-- James Bennett Bracken
Lawrence Bracken --to-- Emily E. Bradford
George Olney Bradford --to-- George Edward Bradley
George James Bradley --to-- George William Bragdon
Gwyne Bragdon --to-- Edward Brand
Helene Sophie Brand --to-- Wayne Ellis Brawner
Elizabeth Bray --to-- Frederick Bredow
Frederick W. Bredow --to-- Sandra Lee Breter
Marianne Bretlau --to-- Orton Brewer
Polly Brewer --to-- Lewis K. Bridge
Mary Bridge --to-- Freelove Briggs
George Briggs --to-- Cynthia E. Brigham

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