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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Walfrid Bjorn --to-- Mary Blackinton
Mary Ann Blackinton --to-- Lucy Blackmar
Lydia Blackmar --to-- George W. T. Blair
Harry Blair --to-- Lester Blake
Louisa Blake --to-- Amey Jane Blanchard
Aseph or Asaph Blanchard --to-- Sarah Louisa Blanchard
Simon Blanchard --to-- Bryan Scot Bliss
Carl Frederick Bliss --to-- Chester Elliott Blodget
Walter H. Blodget --to-- Francis Blood (General)
Henry Boyden Blood --to-- James Bly
Lydia Bly --to-- John Bocock
Joseph Bocock --to-- Bohon
Devon Darcy Bohon --to-- Cleo Whipple Boltinghouse
Lewis Case Boltinghouse --to-- Sarah Bond
Sarah Bond --to-- Philip Dorlon Bontecou
Reed Bontecou (twin) --to-- Calvin Borden
Clara Holmes Borden --to-- John B. Bosserman
Joseph Bosserman --to-- Cheryl Bouley
Matilda Boullard --to-- Rhoby Bowdish
Alice Bowditch --to-- Caroline Amanda "Carrie A." Bowen
Carrie Maud Whipple Bowen --to-- Frances Cornelia Bowen
Frank Bowen --to-- Marie Louise Bowen
Martha Bowen --to-- Theda M. Bowen
Theora Jennie Bowen --to-- William Bowles
Joseph Bowlin --to-- Rosa Mae Boyce
Russell W. Boyce --to-- Edwin Eugene Boyden
Esther Boyden --to-- Charles Loring Brace
Clarence Wilfred Brace --to-- Lillian Elizabeth Braden
Tucker Braden --to-- Betsey Bradley
Charles Bradley --to-- James Frederick Bragdon
Jessie Bragdon --to-- Don Brandon
Edna Maude Brandon --to-- Boylston Brayton
Charles Brayton --to-- Jane A. Breitweiser
Adam James Bremer --to-- Alan David Brewer
Alan Stanley Brewer --to-- Berhard Brickett (Jr.)
Bernard Brickett --to-- Edna Jane Briggs
Eliakim Briggs --to-- Charles H. Brigham
Constance Brigham --to-- Robert C. Brinkley
Jim Brinks --to-- Effa Isabelle Brock
Enoch Brock --to-- Chester Jerome Bromley
Chester Rude Bromley --to-- Thirza Bromley
Violet Bromley --to-- Martha Jane Brooks
Mary Brooks --to-- John Broughton
Louis Broulett --to-- Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown --to-- Ann Maria Theresa Brown
Ann Phillis Brown --to-- Benjamin F. Brown
Benjamin F. Brown --to-- Charles D. Brown
Charles D. Brown --to-- Daniel Victor Brown
Daniel W. Brown --to-- Edwin Franklin Brown (Jr.)
Edwin Franklin "Eddie" Brown (III) --to-- Ellen Jane Brown
Ellen Prescott Brown --to-- Franklin A. or Alfred Franklin Brown
Franklin P. Brown --to-- Harold Leroy Brown
Harriet A. Brown --to-- Horace A. Brown
Horace Greely Brown --to-- James H. Brown
James Ian "Jim" Brown --to-- John Brown
John Brown --to-- Josiah Brown
Josiah Brown --to-- Lucius Brown
Lucretia Brown --to-- Marshal Brown
Martha Brown --to-- Mary Adelaide Brown
Mary Allen Brown --to-- Moses Brown
Nabby Brown --to-- Olney Brown
Olney W. Brown --to-- Rice Arnold Brown
Richard Brown --to-- Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown --to-- Stillman Brown
Sumner Brown --to-- Waterman Farnum Brown (Jr.)
Wayne R. Brown --to-- Francis Browne
Grace Helen Browne --to-- Myron C. Brownell
Palmer Edie Brownell --to-- Mary Blake Bruce
Ransom Bruce --to-- Robert de Brus
Sophia Bruseau --to-- Jemima Bryant
John Bryant --to-- Ann Buck
Austin Buck --to-- Storey Winston Buck
Susannah Buck --to-- Lydia Bucklin
Martha Bucklin --to-- Mehitable Bucknam
Moses or Joses Bucknam --to-- Tabitha Budlong

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